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/iPoli - Smart ToDo List & Calendar


I am your smart time management assistant that helps you plan and organise your life. Focus on the most important tasks today, every day!
Your tasks are called quests! Gain experience points for completing them and level up yourself!
Add tasks at the speed of thought using natural language. You can specify due date, start time, duration and context (category) for each quest!
The commands I understand (so far):
* /q add Finish presentation today add quest for today - Finish presentation
* /q add Meet with Jill tomorrow at 12:00 add quest for tomorrow at 12:00
* /q add Watch Deadpool on 21 Mar add quest for 21 March
* /q add Workout today for 1h at 9 +wellness add quest with duration and context wellness
* /q done 1 complete quest number 1 (from schedule for today)
* /q delete 1 remove quest number 1 (from schedule for today)
* /q show show your schedule for today
* /q show tomorrow show your schedule for tomorrow
* /q show yesterday review what you did yesterday
* /q feedback iPoli is cool tell me how I must be improved
* /q help see how to make use of me
Completing a quest gives you experience points. You will level up after accumulating enough of them! Soon surprising rewards will be waiting for you!
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Why the required permissions?
user:read - any quest you schedule might have start time or due date. Your timezone is needed for proper time/date calculations.
incoming-webhook - iPoli greets and shows a quick howto/help the team members in the channel you allow it to. Future use: reminders will need this permission.
commands - this one allows iPoli to insert the following commands: /q, /quests and /ipoli for you and your teammates!
Thanks for using iPoli and making the life of your team easier and happier!

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