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Update: 16-09-19

Chuck Norris

@A0S3YNZ2S-chuck-norris is your first source for hand curated Chuck Norris facts.
This integration will allow you to retrieve random Chuck Norris facts just by typing /chuck into your slack console.
Available commands:
- Get a random joke: Type /chuck to get a random joke.
- Free text search: Type /chuck ? {search_term} to search within tens of thousands Chuck Norris jokes.
- Random personalized joke: Type /chuck @{user_name} to get a random personalized joke.
- Random joke from category: Type /chuck {category_name} to get a random joke from within a given category.
- Categories: Type /chuck -cat to retrieve a list of all categories.
- Help: Type /chuck help to display a list of available commands.


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