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Update: 21-09-16



All apps in one place:
• More than 4,000,000 apps and 4,000 discounts.
• Our free app keeps you up to date on the newest and top sales.
• You can easily search for any apps from your Slack channel.
• We support all the major operating systems:
— Android (Google Play™)
— iOS (App Store™)
— Windows Phone (Windows Store™)
— macOS (PAD XML, App Store™)
— Linux (PAD XML)
— Windows (PAD XML)

Usage Hint:

1. Simply type in /onsale [android|ios|wp|macos|windows|linux] and we will send you the newest 5 discounts. Try adding [top] to your command and you’ll see the top 5 apps on sale.

For example: `/onsale` or `/onsale top` or `/onsale android` or `/onsale android top`.

2. Simply type in /filedir [keywords] and we will send you the top 5 apps for these keywords! Try adding [android|ios|wp|macos|windows|linux] to your keywords and you’ll only see results for the selected platform.

For example: `/filedir slack` or `/filedir slack ios`.


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