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Update: 16-09-19



Brandfolder offers two ways to organize, share, and track your brand assets without leaving Slack. Whether you install just one of these apps, or you use them both in harmony, the Event Feed integration and Brandbot are guaranteed to give you more control over your brand. The Brandfolder Event Feed takes the best of Brandfolder’s analytics and puts it right into your Slack channel, so you can see all activity in real-time. This helps you keep tabs on your brand by monitoring how each asset is being used, and who’s using it. Brandbot makes it easy to collaborate on brand assets directly in Slack. Simply mention Brandbot with what you’re looking for to quickly access the assets in your Brandfolder. Brandbot can also detect any file you uploaded and ask if you’d like to send it to Brandfolder. Need help? Simply type "@brandbot help". Here are some screenshots of the two apps in action:


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