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Update: 21-09-16



Turbot is slack-bot that acts as your investment assistant and helps you boost your productivity in acquiring financial information. New function #1: Turbot can now optimize portfolios for you !! New function #2: Turbot can generate a one-piece report on any company to help you get a quick grasp. Backed by its own machine-learning news crawler and a comprehensive financial database, Turbot is able to answer your questions on stock price, industry overview, company fundamentals, relative value comparison and so on. It can also analyse news sentiments, make smart summaries of news, let you subscribe news of your stocks and put them onto price watch list so you'll get timely update right in your channel. Its goal is to "turbo" how you acquire financial information and help you make decision more efficiently. At this very early stage it only covers US equities, and advanced valuation functions are only available to a selected number of users. But we're adding coverage (more stocks, FX, Fixed Income and Commodities) and opening more functions.


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