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Update: 16-09-19



Hi! I am GetMusicBot.

I can search music in SoundCloud and send it to you as file or audio.
Also I can search video in YouTube and download audio from it or send you a link to download video.
For example, you can simple send me this YouTube URL:
And you can do much more using special commands.

Downloading some of the songs can be limited by owner of the song, so they can only be sent as audio.

Available commands:

/sc -- Command to search music by "some text" in SoundCloud "/sc some text to search" also works.

After that, you can send me the number of a song to download it after search.

/next - Get the next page of search result (after /sc)

/stop -- Stop auto search for all incoming messages.

/start -- Start auto search for all incoming messages. (Even without /sc prefix).

/ytvideo -- Get a direct link to youtube video.

/yts -- Search text in YouTube.

/yt -- Download audio from YouTube video-file.
For example: /yt

/cancel -- Cancel current operation.

/rate -- Rate me please :)

/feedback -- Send feedback.


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