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Update: 10-08-22

Meow Money


Meow Money is a simple telegram bot that connects to your bank accounts and lets you track all transactions in one chat. We aim to make your personal finance tracking and analytics easy and accessible. Connect multiple bank accounts, get your totals and do simple transaction analytics. This is an open beta version; we hope to hear your feedback to make the product better and more useful. We currently support connections to 2380 European banks across 31 countries, but we can’t guarantee your bank will be among those supported. Please inform us if you want to add a new bank, and we will work on it. We take good care of your data. To enable connections, we partner with an Authorised Account Information Service Provider, PSD2 compliant, regulated by FKTK and FCA. Current commands: /starts - let you connect a bank account to start parsing transaction data. You can connect as many accounts as needed. /banks - the list of your connected banks /totals - quick view of your total balances Access:



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