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Update: 21-09-16

Felix bot


Felix helps you stay focused on the tasks that really matter to you today. Just tell him your top goals for today, and then cross them off your list as your day advances. It's a small action, but a great productivity boost. Felix only works for those who DM him. Not a team todo list, it helps you plan your day effectively. Every weekday, Felix will remind you at the beginning of your day and when you are online to do a quick planning of your day. Commands available:
- start to start your day.
- add to add more tasks to your day, such as add Send Q1 financial report.
- show to see today's work.
- done after completing a task, such as done 1.
- done all to mark all today's tasks as done.
- settings to update some of my config, such as the morning ping
- feedback to give Felix feedback, such as feedback Send me weekly summaries


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