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Update: 21-09-16



PEW-PEW! Hey - I'm Captain Artemis. We're hosting tournaments to see who the best pilot is within the flight academy. Kik me to get into some fast-paced multiplayer action against friends and other Kik pilots!

GalatronVS is an exciting space shooter with a twist. Dodge meteors and lasers, shoot down bots, and fly the furthest to top the standings in 8-player tournaments. Collect coins and customize your ship to stand out from the rest of the fleet.

And this is only the beginning. Many new features are already on the way, like in-game boosts to help you score more points, new bosses to test your mettle, the ability to upgrade your ships, and the chance to send your friends gifts.

Game includes:

- Multiplayer, competitive tournaments with up to 8 of your Kik friends
- 5 ship types, and over 50 ship skins with more added all the time
- Lasers, meteors and all kinds of enemies to battle
- Ghost replays so you can challenge your friends’ highest scores


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