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Update: 21-09-16

Bible Verses


The Bible Verses is a relevant chatbot that in moments of hopelessness and misery is highly sought-after.

Bible Verses is a digital guide across an extensive collection of sacred texts that belongs to Judaism and Christianity. You can use it as an intelligent search through the holy book or as a source of inspiration.

After saying hello to the bot, it will propose you to receive verses that are randomly generated each day for making spirits bright. The subscription can be easily rejected.

Type ‘Menu’ and familiarize yourself with available categories:

Psalms – a collection of divine praises;
Love verses – a collection rhymes related to love;
Family verses – a collection of stories and biblical perspectives dedicated to families;
Encouraging Verses – a collection of written compositions that are aimed to inspire you in your work or any other business.
Each directory includes proverbs that you can instantly read. Then you can turn back just by typing ‘Menu’ in an input field again.


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