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Update: 21-09-16

Sonya - Crowdfunding Consultant


From Sonya's creator: 4.5 years ago I launched a crowdfunding platform, which I still operate and own (www.mimoona.co.il, also Mimoona.com). My role was, and still is, to guide people who want to crowdfund how to do it properly, before and DURING the campaign. I think I helped thousands of people so far. I also lecture frequently about crowdfunding.

As most of you know, most people don't go into crowdfunding platforms to look for campaigns to support, the way we look for new products on PH or flights on Kayak. That means people who want to get funded need to market their crowdfunding campaign, and that isn't an easy task for most people (its easier for gadget-related projects).

I found myself building for my customers a guide on how to market their crowdfunding campaign, it started as a blog post, then a time-line and now I decided to build a chat-bot for this, so please meet Sonya (: She will tell you what to do and when in your crowdfunding campaign, all you need to do is listen, and add your personal touch. Based on my experience people who used this guide significantly increased their chances to get funded.


Sonya - Crowdfunding Consultant 1 год назад


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